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I am Tyler. This is my wife Erin. We had the 1 in 200 million surprise in early 2020 when we found out we were having identical triplet girls. I began sharing a glimpse of our life through Instagram (@dadwithtriplets). That is where the story begins...

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We hope it rains

There is a famous saying here in Oregon, home of the University of Oregon and Ducks Football - "It never rains in Autzen Statium". While this saying is obviously symbolic (considering it is usually raining in OR!), I adopted and adapted the phrase for Meriweather - We hope it rains, because we are ready for it.

Meriweather was born out of a simple problem I had as a dad with triplets. My daughters aren't crazy about wearing shoes. Especially big, clunky shoes like rain boots. They did love the sock-shoe style and so did I. They were easy to put on and very natural for the girls to walk in. However, being in the Pacific Northwest, it is often wet and rainy and our excursions would end early and/or have a complicated return because of wet, cold feet.

I couldn't find a solution and I didn't think I was the only one who would benefit from this product, so I went ahead and made them myself (luckily, my "corporate" job prepared me for this venture!).

Dad on a mission

My wife and daughters remain my North Star. I hope to build Meriweather into a family business dedicated to helping parents get outside with their kids.

I want to get the business to a point where we can start to give back to our community and take up causes close to our heart (such as supporting families requiring NICU care).

It means the world to us that you would support our family business.

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A Mom and Pop

You can be confident that we are a mom and pop in the true definition of the word. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. We will do our best to take care of you! Just remember, you are almost certainly talking directly to me or someone close to me, so be nice :-)

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